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In late 2007, Apollo Masters acquired the assets of its long time competitor, Transco Masters. Transco had an excellent formula that was unfortunately never able to reach its full potential due to limitations in its manufacturing process. The decision was made to set up a totally new production line dedicated to manufacturing Transco Lacquers utilizing Apollo’s modern process. The results were nothing less than stupendous.

As the exclusive European Distributor, Transco Blanx is proud to offer the two best lacquer products available in the world - Apollo & Transco - Two extremely consistent high quality lacquer products that allow cutting engineers to choose the individual cutting characteristics preferred. Read the full story here

The Perfect Partner

Apollo also acquired the Transco Styli operation. Transco ruby styli were originally manufactured as Micro Point and are considered to be the best available styli for cutting performance and frequency response. More about Styli here

The worlds leading manufacturer of master recording discs since 1936.

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